Nova Economics Club was founded in 2012 by a group of eleven MSc in Economics students at Nova School of Business and Economics. The initial objective was to aid the Ministry of Finance with economic prospections during the Economic Adjustment Programme.

Prior to the conclusion of the program, in 2014, the club underwent a restructuring process where it opened its doors Undergraduates students and begun to focus on economic research projects.

Nowadays, the club has a total of fifty-four members, over twenty partenerships with Economic Institutions and has expanded its activities to articles and debates.

We have the higher standard for


Nova Economics Club is working actively to offer its members the best opportunities to develop their skills by being a part of different research projects.

The club has established partnerships with relevant Portuguese and European institutions, such as DECO, the Portuguese Public Finance Council, the Office for Strategy and Studies (GEE) the Portuguese Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and the European Commission. This is a portfolio of amazing projects in which you can actively participate.

Mission and Vision

NEC is a think-tank that allows students to put in practice the knowledge obtained in classes and divulge relevant work to the society.


NEC members have the opportunity to work, get to know and relate with experts in the full spectrum of areas in Economics.

Research Opportunities

Professors, Portuguese and European institutions will be submitting opportunities as they become available throughout the year.

Social Activities

We occasionally meet for dinners and to discuss Economic issues in an informal setup in order to change points of view and have fun.

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